Our objective : Promote economic exchanges between Asia and Africa

Daniel Delannoy, General Manager - Asia Africa Exchange (BGAS Pte Ltd)

Our experience and services

Because of our deep knowledge of these two continents and the already substantial exchanges between them, we knew we had to create a structure in Asia to provide effective tools and hopefully help promote these economic exchanges.

Given our expertise, our first goal is to secure exchanges and transactions between Africa and Asia.

B.G.A.S PTE LTD aims to provide support at two levels:

• To ASEAN companies intending to explore new markets: B.G.A.S PTE LTD brings a 25+ year expertise in African markets and will enable a safe exploration and comprehension of these markets.

• To African importers: B.G.A.S will provide a tool (a centralized buying group) that allows them to optimize their orders by gathering them in Africa and by providing a staff of Chinese speaking professional buyers who are familiar with the supply sources. This too will also allow maritime transportation grouping in order to minimize costs.

Why Singapore? Because we want to be at the very heart of the exchanges.

This City-state situated between Malaysia and Indonesia is, because of its geographical location, in the heart of the ASEAN region.

Singapore has a thriving and modern economy characterized by an open environment free of corruption.

Singapore's economy is based on banking and financial services (2nd in Asia behind Japan), commerce, navigation (the second largest port in the world behind Shanghai) and almost all sectors are represented.

Finally, Singapore is characterized by its economic vitality, professionalism and is the ideal place to find local highly qualified bilingual staff.

Assistance in obtaining new markets for Singaporean companies (Advice for ASEAN companies)


Based on more than 25 years of expertise in African markets, we want to help Singaporean companies that want to expose themselves to new markets (Africa) by providing our expertise, our knowledge and expertise on this continent.

As an introduction, it is important to be aware that Africa is currently the second continent with the greatest potential for development, with an IMF planned 4.9% average for 2013, 5.4% in 2014 and 5.5% in 2015. Despite persistent conflicts, some countries are still following their development path. And it is clear that in the coming years, Africa will be one of the continents with the most potential.

Market Research

We are able to do research on specific markets in order to determine the needs, the capability to import and identify the companies that have the most potential for imports.

Client acquisition

In specific areas, we can explore the markets with high potential and research on trustworthy importers and put you in touch.

Sales Support

We can help your sales teams in charge of marketing your products on African markets in order to maximize your chances of success.

Security and solvency

At your request we can search for information about potential customers and verify their financial solvency.

Accompanying delegations in Africa

Knowing perfectly the networks and the codes in African countries, we can help your delegations in Africa by facilitating relations with African importers and if necessary with African administrations.

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Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in one or several of the services described above. Answering your questions is our duty.
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African countries


    Buying Group for African traders

    We wanted to create a Buying Group for African importers.

    Why a Buying Group ?

    The Buying Group will help African importers to save money on several areas:

    • Grouping commands in Africa (several countries have the same needs and are not geographically competitors) will result in better negotiated prices due to bigger volumes.
    • Purchases are made from Singapore by a team that perfectly masters local languages. Basically, requests will be made by Chinese staff in Chinese and for delivery in Singapore. Creating this sealed layer in the purchasing process can lead to substantial savings.
    • Grouping Maritime shipments to Africa by negotiating the best price based on the volume with freight forwarders that cover the connections between Asia and Africa.

    In addition, this Buying Group has the great advantage that it can better secure purchases, meaning that being on site (in Asia), we have direct access to suppliers and more, we can better control the goods before their departure to Africa and avoid, as is sometimes the case, the inconvenience due to the receipt of goods not conforming to specifications.

    The role of AsiaAfricaExchange.com (BGAS Pte Ltd) is to provide you with the best possible assistance by providing you with a powerful tool that allows you to optimize your purchases.

    If any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.



    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in one or several of the services described above. Answering your questions is our duty.

    About our team

    Major partners

    Doonia Management is a consulting firm on a human scale. Doonia is a triple competence global unit, specialized in Strategic & Operational Management, Information Systems (SAP) Governance & Integration, Corporate & Audio Visual Communications, consolidated by Financial Advisory & Risk Management services.

    Doonia supports and advises businesses, international organizations and institutions throughout the lifecycle of their projects by providing industry expertise (Finance, Suppy Chain, P2P, Business Intelligence, Services, Retail, Energy, Real Estate …) and multiple skills in a long-term perspective.

    Headquartered in Paris, the firm has been gradually deploying for some years, its activities in a dozen of African countries through a dense network that relies on a wide range of experts and high added value expertise. (www.doonia.fr)

    All American Funding Inc. comprises of a number of enterprises and joint venture partnerships that are involved in the fields of Investment Banking, Project Funding and Commodity Trading.

    Partner in Senegal and Burkina Faso:
    Diegane Group,

    Asia Africa Exchange can count on a network of hundreds of contacts across Africa.

    Please feel free to contact us if any further information needed.

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